digital converter box -- surprising performance

Sat Jun 14 07:46:50 EDT 2008

Neither my Insignia DTV converter box, which I chose because the 
reviews said it had great sensitivity, nor my Panasonic LCD TV (date 
of manufacture 4/08) catch any Providence signals in the scan for 
receivable DTV signals. That's not to say they might not catch Channel 
"36" if I were to move the indoor antennas to the second floor. But 
even if I were to do that, I strongly doubt that the signal from that 
station would be good enough to watch without at least an amplified 
antenna and most likely an outdoor antenna. With the unamplified 
antennas in their current first-floor locations, Channel "9" (digital) 
is occasionally good enough to watch for stretches as long as 30 
seconds or so, but it's usually a long wait before I get another 
little stretch of usable signal.

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> Just curious
> You people with rabbit ears in Greater Boston how is the DTV signals
> out of Providence and New Hampshire doing?
> the VHF signals of 10 and 12 traditionaly had problems in Boston
> because of Great Blue Hill.
> BTW that is what WGBH stands for NOT God Bless Harvard as that is
> where their transmitter was for 15 years before moving to Channel 4 
> in
> Needham. 

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