Comcast not all that committed to CN8?

Garrett Wollman
Sat Jun 14 01:06:42 EDT 2008

I just got my cable bill for this month (due in six days, natch).  It
included an insert announcing yet more lineup changes.  "CN8", the
former "AT&T 3", is being moved to a digital tier, on "channel" 188.
I suppose that's slightly better than channel 3 from a branding
perspective, but I wonder how many viewers will ever notice it there.

They are also moving MSNBC and several services I've never watched to
their "digital starter" tier (which is apparently the digital
equivalent of "expanded basic").

I suppose it's time to resume the search for a CableCARD-equipped
digital TV to replace my old 13-inch Zenith.  It seems that Comcast is
determined to make everyone rent STBs.


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