Sportscaster Jim McKay

Chuck Igo
Sat Jun 7 16:02:08 EDT 2008

of Jim McKay, Bill O noted -

> Jim McKay has died.  He was 86.  Classy guy and the Olympics coverage has 
> never been as good.
> Don't know of McKay's history but I have to assume he cut his teeth on the 
> radio.

Turns out as that as much as one might think Jim McKay cut his teeth on tv 
without pictures, he was a newspaperman turned TV guy - skipping the radio 
thing along the way.  Although I do recall some radio sports pieces along 
the way in the 70's and 80's for ABC Radio, not unlike things Howard Cosell 

Jim McKay helped to bring home the stark contrasts of athletic acheivements, 
the good and the bad, without ever going over the top.  He was a consumate 
broadcast pro, able to self-regulate his volume versus emphasis.

In sports, like a youth lacrosse festival I attended today, usually lives 
are not on the line based upon the outcome.  In that one, dark moment of our 
contemporary sports history in Munich, lives were on the line - and Mr. 
McKay was able to keep it cohesive and as clear as possible, even with the 
news that the worst of possible outcomes had occured.

The thrill of victory - the agony of defeat.  8 words that are ingrained on 
the psyches of just about anyone over 30, and were intoned by Jim McKay.

- -Chuck Igo 

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