Sid Schweiger
Sat Jun 7 15:00:51 EDT 2008

>>There's only one callsign, and in any case they are not allowed[1] to run
different audio on the primary digital subchannel versus the analog.

[1] Not sure if this is a rule or just the terms of the Ibiquity
patent license.<<

Sec.  73.403  Digital audio broadcasting service requirements.
    (a) Broadcast radio stations using IBOC must transmit at least one
over-the-air digital audio programming stream at no direct charge to
listeners. In addition, a broadcast radio station must simulcast its
analog audio programming on one of its digital audio programming
streams. The DAB audio programming stream that is provided pursuant to
this paragraph must be at least comparable in sound quality to the
analog programming service currently provided to listeners.
    (b) Emergency information. The emergency information requirements
found in Sec.  73.1250 shall apply to all free DAB programming streams.

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