Laura Ingraham MAY Be Leaving Talk Radio

Laurence Glavin
Thu Jun 5 16:24:30 EDT 2008

The Radio Equalizer blog is suggesting that Laura Ingraham MAY be leaving her daily
talk radio gig to devote more time to television.  As far as Eastern Massachusetts is 
concerned, this would be a problem for WNSH-AM 1570 in Beverly and WCRN-AM 830 in
Woostah, both of which carry her live.  The former promotes itself as women's talk radio,
so it may be loathe to go the Glenn Beck or G. Gordon Liddy (ugh!) route.  Wait, wait:
there's a genuinely talented talk show host unencumbered by the y-chromosome who has a
long track record in radio: STEPHANIE MILLER.  If Laura is ankling radio, WNSH (and WCRN)
could do worse!  (Since WTKK runs the show on tape delay, they could plug in just 
about any bird-fed show).

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