WMEX is Gone

Don A
Thu Jun 5 01:38:22 EDT 2008

>> When did it become mandatory for a candidate to say I'm Homer Simpson
>> and I approve this message.

I'm not sure of the "...and I approve this message" part, but I recall that 
part of the "lowest possible spot rate" law, was the requirement that the 
spot contain the voice of the candidate.  I think this was to distinguish 
ads purchased by political condidates themselves...and those bought by PACs 
and other advocacy groups.  (I don't think PAC's or "Swiftboat Veterans" get 
the "lowest possible unit" rate.)

I seem to recall when this started the candidate would simply do the final 
tag....("paid for by Nick Pickowicz, Sandy Burger fiscal agent")

Eventually it morphed into "Hi I'm Mitt Romney and I approve this ad". 
Which not only sounded better, but also distinguished between candidates and 
Political Action Groups and unions.

I don't know if having the candidates voice on the spot is a requirment 
anymore, but I believe it was one of the requirements needed to get the 
"political rate". 

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