WMEX is Gone

Don A
Tue Jun 3 17:28:40 EDT 2008

>>>> While we can lament the format change of another station to religious
>>>> programming there is no getting around the fact that it is highly
>>>> profitable for the license holder.
>> I believe this is an oft-repeated fallacy.
>> I have known people who have worked for Salem and other religious 
>> outlets.
>> Many of them know how tough it is to make their stations work.
> If you're already sending EMF
> the "suggested" $40 a month, you're not likely to have a lot more to
> give to the preachers who buy time on commercial stations.  (Indeed, I
> suspect the typical EMF donor doesn't listen to any other religious
> stations.)

I assume that the people who find non-comm religious stations enjoyable, are 
willing to "put up or shut up" because the enjoy the programming...which 
appears to lean heavily on music.

In the commercial world of religion, there are only a few 'superstars' that 
people will respond to.

As they drop off, there is almost nobody that is replacing them.

Add to that the fact that most commerial relion stations are on AM...and 
most of the non-comms are on FM.

With 3kw out of Farmington, I don't know if there are people who will 
support it. 

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