could I get an opinion?

A. Joseph Ross
Sun Jul 27 22:43:41 EDT 2008

On 27 Jul 2008 at 14:03, Bill O'Neill wrote:

> Dan Billings wrote:
> > I don't think any politician who makes such a prayer in the middle
> > of a campaign is doing it for private reasons.
> I agree with Dan on this.  But I will add that the issue should be
> taken to wherever that  Rabbinical student is "studying."  This guy
> wants to lead others down a spiritual path?  He needs a little work
> first.
I don't know about the rabbinical student, but apparently the Israeli 
Attorney General has been petitioned to open a criminal investigation 
against the newspaper.

It's interesting that the newspaper says that the prayer was approved 
for international publication before Obama put it in the Wall.  As I 
said, Obama probably didn't intend it to be private.

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