Why Talk Radio is largely conservative - (Was: Howie Carr, etc. etc. etc)

Don A donald_astelle@yahoo.com
Wed Jul 23 01:51:37 EDT 2008

>> Are you assuming that most journalists are good?
> I'm assuming that they aspire to it.

I also assume that some aspire to it too...however, others are clueless.

Reaching that goal is another thing.....and it's getting worse.

>> There is a lot of gray area between empiricle fact and their personal
>> opinion.
> The job of editors, to the extent we still have any, is to keep their
> reporters out of the grey areas.

In theory.....but with cutbacks there is more sloppy journalism in 2008 than 
ever before.

There is a lot that passes for "journalism" these days......

The standard journalism ethos is more a memory than anything else.

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