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Laurence Glavin
Mon Jul 21 14:53:55 EDT 2008

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>Not to diminish the others before him in the same slot on WBZ, but Dan Rea
>does an excellent show. I can listen to him every night and it's not stale
>or repetitive, but intelligent and gets various points of view out.
>Howie's OK, but somewhat repetitive. And, although most us like to hear him
>bring to light the illegal activities of some of our local and regional
>criminals, he often skewers groups and folks just for the sake of
>"entertainment" when there is no real issue.
>Besides Dan, the other real quality talk show host that comes to mind right
>now is Clark Howard. He's on weekdays on WTIC AM at 7pm if there is no game,
>(and he's on line live 1-4pm-WSB Atlanta) but I'm not sure if he is on
>anywhere in the Boston area.

>Mark Casey, K1MAP
>Hampden, Mass

People seem to be overlooking the talk show host and the talk show that
actually DOES appeal to the "best and brightest": Tom Ashbrook and "On 
Point" on WBUR.  OK, it's a locally-produced show for national distribution,
Today's (07/21) second hour was a riveting discussion of science and public 
policy that covered a multitude of issues from the energy in a given quantity
of gasoline (the fuel in the tanks in the two planes that crashed into
the WTC towers had the same explosive power as the atomic bomb tested by
North Korea) to the effect water vapor contributes to the phenomenon of climate change.
One of the callers gave hints of being on-the-fringe, but Mr. Ashbrook 
remained respectful of his callers throughout the hour.  (Since I didn't 
call, there were no really manic listeners calling in.) 

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