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My impression is that the WICC towers, which are 300' high but look a
lot taller, have been in use since the '20s and hence are among the
oldest broadcast towers still in service in the US. I believe that the
towers, which now constitute a directional array, were originally used
to support a horizontal long-wire antenna. It's hard to tell from the
pictures, but it appears that the towers are not base-insulated. If
that's so, and the towers are shunt-fed or skirt-fed, it would be
evidence (though not proof) that they originally supported a
horizontal radiator. Can you, or Scott Fybush or Garrett Wollman, or
any of the other tower hunters on this list confirm any of this?

Also, I don't believe that Tower Site of the Week has ever visited
WICC. Is the Pleasure Beach Bridge open to traffic? If so, a visit
would not be impossible even if a tour could not be arranged with
WICC's chief engineer.

WICC certainly has an impressive signal for only 1  kW-D/500W-N

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> WICC in Bridgeport, CT has an excellent signal because its
> transmitter site
> is on Long Island Sound.  Aerial pictures at
> http://www.wicc600.com/aerial.htm
> Another water picture...this flood picture is from a 1955 edition
> the
> Waterbury (CT) Republican-American.  Notice the call letters above
> the
> water. :)
> http://www.bill1820.com/1955.jpg

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