Like tropo--except it's AM!

Scott Fybush
Tue Jul 15 09:07:35 EDT 2008

Ric Werme wrote:

> It would be nice to have a few more years' data, but that would spoil the
> journey.  In closing, NASA's Jim Hansen brought the risks of runaway global
> warming to the US Congress in June 1988.  His data reported that the Earth was
> some 0.39 degrees Celcius above the longterm average that month.  He came back
> in June 2008 saying the same things.  His June 2008 anomaly was 0.26 degrees
> Celcius.

Our Moderator tends to wake up a little later in the morning than most 
of the rest of us, though he makes up for it by working insanely late 
into the night.

(With a newborn infant at home, I'm both up late and up early.)

In any event, I'm pretty confident that I can speak for Garrett, while 
he slumbers, by noting that this thread, while certainly interesting, is 
way off-topic for this list and should probably be shifted elsewhere 
sooner rather than later.


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