Like tropo--except it's AM!

Tue Jul 15 08:33:00 EDT 2008

I can believe that and if I've got it right, the cooling is temporary
and is yet another ominous sign of global warming! Huh??? Yes! As the
polar ice melts, it becomes... water--yup! COLD water. And it
disburses around the globe much more readily and more quickly than
does ice, thus temporarily (very temporarily) lowering temperatures in
the temperate zones. While the heads-in-the-sand neo-con crowd cackle
about how Al Gore invented global warming the same way as he invented
the Internet, temperatures will start to rise toward highs not
encountered since long before the arrival of the human race. Remember,
it takes 80 calories to melt 1 gram of ice, transforming it from 1
gram of ice at 0 degrees C to 1 gram of water at 0 degrees C. Then it
takes only 1 additional calorie to raise the temperature of that gram
of water by 1 more degree C.

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> It has?
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