Felger leaving ESPN Boston

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Mon Jul 14 10:06:31 EDT 2008

Garrett Wollman wrote:
> <<On Sun, 13 Jul 2008 00:12:12 -0500, "Kevin Vahey" <kvahey@comcast.net> said:
>> Still CBS also operates a station that was modeled after WBCN in
>> Chicago WXRT. Norm Weiner is still there and while the format now
>> skews younger they continue to remind listeners of the heritage.
> I don't think WXRT and WBCN are particularly comparable.

I quite agree. XRT has aged forward with its original audience and 
airstaff, much as WBCN was doing up until the big upheavals of the 
mid-90s. In a sense, today's XRT is all about its heritage. Jocks like 
Lin Brehmer and Terri Hemmert have been there forever, and their demos 
have aged along with them, as the station has gradually migrated from a 
"modern" rocker (in the context of the seventies) to what we now 
identify as AAA. It's not a particularly young-skewing format, though 
it's picked up some younger listeners who identify with the music.

WBCN might well have gone that route in the nineties, too, but the lure 
of modern rock (and Stern) in a college town was too strong. Even if the 
old WBCN staff - Oedipus, Laquidara, et al - somehow agreed to come 
back, I'm thinking a "new old" WBCN would feel artificial, much in the 
way Emmis is trying to recapture 1970s New York FM on WRXP with a bunch 
of people who weren't there then and don't really understand what made 
it special.


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