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>Back on as of about 6:00 PM Friday night, shorted power supply 
>rectifier and blown fuse ($54.00 special rectifier type cartridge 
>Both WLLH transmitters are new Harris DAX-1's, could have been lightning or
>bad spike from a crappy urban power grid, probably never know.
>Luckily both transmitters are under warranty.
>Have to go off for a short time over the weekend to install a new A/C unit
>which sits in a window right above the wall mounted open frame ATU.
>Too hot to try to work around.

>Chris Hall

Does the Lawrence transmitter put out a full one-thousand watts?  I
ask that because it is now swamping the two 1380's I get from Woonsocket, RI
and Portsmouth, NH.  (During the period of time the Lawrence stick was
silent, I could toggle between the two 1380 signals by turning my
portable GE radio (but not a SUPERradio) sideways to each station's
antenna.)  When the former transmitter was in use, it did not seem
to be so overwhelming from 1380 to 1420 (in Wolfeboro,NH) although the
latter cannot be received when WLLH is down due to WXKS-AM IBOC hash during the day.

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