WLLH Lawrence

chris2526 chris2526@comcast.net
Fri Jul 11 02:28:54 EDT 2008

I have to admit the board ops in Charlestown are a bit negligent chacking 
two WLLH air signals as often as they should and I am going to suggest
that they have Gordon Mangum (the Charlestown studio engineer) install
a silence sense alarm on all three air signals.

By the time I was notified Wednesday afternoon and diagnosed the problem
it was too late to get parts shipped from Harris for Thursday arrival.  They 
will be in on Friday and if there are no other problems WLLH Lawrence should 
be back sometime later in the day.

As it happens I live in Salem NH on the Pelham line which seems almost
equidistant from both transmitters and it is hard to distinguish when one or 
other is off the air

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