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Wed Jul 9 12:58:57 EDT 2008

This is an old article and since I am mentioned in it I think its now
appropriate to tell the real story-behind-the story as Larry Glick used to

Jerry's fate was sealed before I got to WBZ. There were several reasons.
First his ratings had been trending down in his time slot. Had they been
tilting upward, it may have helped him....a little.  

More importantly, several months earlier he was in some kind of TV debate
with Avi Nelson, I never saw or heard it, but it was according to the
manager at that time, a terrible embarrassment. Avi apparently made Jerry
and by extension, the station, look really bad. It was a negative impression
and irritation that wouldn't go away.

Add to that Jerry was looking for an increase in pay at the beginning of
contract talks. He also brought a lawyer with him. That didn't help.  

And behind the scenes the Chairman of the Board was definitely not a
Williams fan. In a private breakfast conversation with me before I got to
Boston, he said, "What are you going to do about Jerry Williams?"  There was
no questions he didn't mean I should try to extend his contract.

I am sorry Jerry is not around to comment. We had very few conversations
while he was at BZ and never spoke after he left.  But his nemesis was not
the new PD, it was the GM and the man who ran the company from the very top.

Those of you who have been Program Managers might appreciate the situation.

Jerry went on to become a legendary Talk Host, at least in New England.

Now you know some of the rest of the story.

Ira Apple

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With the recent book on Jerry Williams, I thought there might be come 
interest in this article I came across...
(Not sure what the purpose of the article is and why it was written and put 
on an obscure website...)

Radio Interviews
Gerry Williams: captain of consciousness

I think Jerry's mantra should've been the same as Rodney Dangerfield's...."I

don't get any respect".

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