Clear Channel Yanks Rush In New Orleans

Fri Feb 29 23:40:09 EST 2008

Ahh, but that suite of tricks lives on in all subsequent Microsoft
products. That's how Microsoft gets its customers to abandon older PCs
and buy new ones that earn Microsoft royalties on new copies of
operating systems and applications. It's called "planned
obsolescence." Given the environmental impact of all of that discarded
electronic equipment mouldering in dumps and leeching toxic chemicals
into aquifers, you could probably make a strong case that Microsoft is
the world's number one-cause of pollution. I suspect that the Gates
Foundation is Bill's way of assuaging his conscience.

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> On Fri, 29 Feb 2008, Roger Kirk wrote:
>> Well, there _was_ Windows ME.  Not exactly a long-term cash cow.
> I had Windows Mistake Edition - Towards the end of that Compaq's
> life,
> Windows Mistake Edition would freeze up very randomly - I could be
> using
> one of many different programs, have one Window open or multiple
> Windows,
> etc.
> Terrible waste of time.
> - Blaine
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