Clear Channel Yanks Rush In New Orleans

Fri Feb 29 22:54:41 EST 2008

Allen is srill a multibillionaire but he has not covered himself with 
glory in backing companies that are financial winners. Sporting News 
et al is just one of his duds. Perhaps the biggest is Charter 
Communications, the extremely unprofitable cable company. He has also 
shown tendencies toward profligacy. I remember a description of a 
yacht he had built a couple of years ago that was the personification 
of excess. Years ago, I believe he beat extremely long odds to survive 
a form of cancer that few survive. That experience, of course, might 
have changed his outlook on a lot of things.

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> Well, there _was_ Windows ME.  Not exactly a long-term cash cow.
> Bill O'Neill wrote:
>> Sid Schweiger wrote:
>>> and worth almost as much as Gates is.  No worries about the 
>>> electric bill.
>> Yes, but I doubt Mr. Allen got as rich as he is by supporting 
>> losing enterprises and expense hogs (technical term). <g>

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