Clear Channel Yanks Rush In New Orleans

Scott Fybush
Fri Feb 29 14:34:27 EST 2008

Dan.Strassberg wrote:
> Raises the question of whether WSNR picked up Carribean when WLIB
> dropped it--at least WLIB is rumored to have dropped it. I did read
> what WLIB supposedly picked up in place of Carribean but I can't
> remember. Except for the fact that the term "musical radio stations"
> has a different (and rather pleasant) connotation, it would seem to be
> the appropriate term (in the "musical chairs" context).

WLIB is running black gospel, mostly from a satellite service. That's 
been consistent pretty much since the progressive talk moved to WWRL a 
year or so ago.

I believe the Caribbean programming on WSNR is running only on the 
weekends, with Russian and Jewish programming the rest of the time. 
There's quite a bit of Caribbean on WPAT(AM) as well.

A lot of the leased-time signals in NYC are in transition - the 
ill-fated 540 on Long Island is running Jewish programming for one month 
only, in between longer-term leases, the Russian that was displaced from 
"87.7" still hasn't found a permanent home, and I heard a fair amount of 
"filler" music on several of Liu's signals, such as 930 and 1430, last 
time I was down there.


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