Clear Channel Yanks Rush In New Orleans

Fri Feb 29 13:50:31 EST 2008

Yeah, you missed the most recent ownership change. Allen's company
sold WWZN and 620 in the New York market (WSNR) to Peter Davidson. It
was about six months ago--give or take and I don't know the reported
price for either station. Part of the public announcement of the sale
was a statement that the programming would change to Spanish. That
announcement was followed a day or two later with another announcement
stating that the sports-talk format would stay. Now, of course, sports
talk, some of which is itself brokered time, has become the filler
between brokered religious programs and infomercials. Whatever can pay
the rent--and I do mean rent. I think the rumored $25,000/month rent
on the transmitter site exceeds the power bill. I have not heard what
kind of programming runs on WSNR. Before the sale, I had heard that
most of the day was in Russian. WSNR's power bill must be lower; it's
3 kW-D/7.6 kW-N but rumor has it that it is in jeopardy of losing its
five-tower Meadowlands site adjacent to WLIB. WSNR has been at that
site for only about 10 years more or less. Several years back, WSNR
filed to move to a new seven-tower 15-kW DA-2 site very close to WBBR.
WBBR was reported to be very unhappy about having seven new 350'
towers so close by and to date the app seems to be stalled at the FCC.

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>> I don't know how 1510 can pay their electric bill as this is a
>> station with ZERO listeners during the day.<<

Unless I missed an ownership change or three, one of their owners is
Paul Allen...Bill Gates' partner-in-whatever at Microsoft, and worth
almost as much as Gates is.

No worries about the electric bill.

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