Clear Channel Yanks Rush In New Orleans

Brian Vita
Fri Feb 29 08:39:07 EST 2008

Donna Halper wrote:
> At 01:04 AM 2/29/2008, Roger Kirk wrote:
>> Could be they just don't agree with his politics , but can't or won't 
>> say so directly.
> That may indeed be the real reason, and if so, it's very 
> short-sighted.  Hey,  *I* don't agree with everything Ed says, but so 
> what?  He's entertaining.  So are some of the rightie talkers.  Why 
> not let both sides be heard?  
Could it be a name recognition thing?  Outside of an existing market, 
who knows who Ed Schultz is?  Rush and Hannity have greater name 
recognition due to their other areas (TV, books, arrests, etc).

Remember, radio is not quality driven.  If you own a station and you 
have the opportunity to pick up a name that folks know (Rush, Hannity, 
Hannity's Twit Partner, etc) vs Ed, no matter how good he is, or how 
well he does some markets, you'll go for the name (unless the terms are 
ridiculous).  It'd be the same as if you (turning back the clock) 
suddenly owned an oldies station in Boston and had the choice between 
Dale Dorman and Scott Shannon.  Dale's a Boston commodity.  Scott 
doesn't have the Boston name recognition.


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