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Jon Maguire
Wed Feb 27 18:34:34 EST 2008

I remember that... 1975 was a pivotal year for broadcast engineering. 
This was the time that the FCC (fill in your own acronym)
deemed that a first phone was no longer needed to operate a transmitter, 
only maintain them. I left WCOP AM/FM for a job maintaining
teletypes. My last foray in broadcasting was as CE of WVMT in 1976.

Jon Maguire W1MNK wrote:
> The boards came from a Canadian company (McCurdy?) and the announcers
> simply full potted everything.
> How did WHDH-AM handle the union tech issue when most of the techs
> moved to Needham with the changeover to WCVB? All the old Channel 5
> techs were kept at WCVB but this had to create problems on the radio
> side.
> Westinghouse had a messy lock out around 1975 when IBEW was thrown out
> of the building one night. The issue was over portable video tape. The
> station said non union could operate them and IBEW said it was union.
> This was a big issue for Westinghouse because of Evening Magazine.
> They finally reached a compromise...union would operate any camera
> that could go live. This gave IBEW control of ENG vans. That would be
> the last win for IBEW as stations have been slashing union jobs ever
> since.
> On 2/27/08, A. Joseph Ross <> wrote:
>> On 25 Feb 2008 at 18:42, wrote:
>>> Well this didn't sit well with Westinghouse and they devised a system
>>> to eliminate union jobs. The WEEI contract stated that a technician
>>> must operate anything with a VU meter. So WBZ whipped up combo boards
>>> with no VU meters and made the jocks run them.
>> Without VU meters, how did people keep from having the levels too
>> high?  An automatic limiter?  I remember VU meters at WMUA in the
>> 1960s, and we used to watch them while records were playing and while
>> we were talking and adjust the levels as needed.
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