Music Till Dawn on WEEI

Jon Maguire
Wed Feb 27 17:07:31 EST 2008

Do you remember Jay Ballard? He was in engineering at WMUA starting in '67.

Jon Maguire W1MNK

A. Joseph Ross wrote:
> On 25 Feb 2008 at 18:42, wrote:
>> Well this didn't sit well with Westinghouse and they devised a system
>> to eliminate union jobs. The WEEI contract stated that a technician
>> must operate anything with a VU meter. So WBZ whipped up combo boards
>> with no VU meters and made the jocks run them.
> Without VU meters, how did people keep from having the levels too 
> high?  An automatic limiter?  I remember VU meters at WMUA in the 
> 1960s, and we used to watch them while records were playing and while 
> we were talking and adjust the levels as needed.

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