Getting your First Class ticket (was: Music Till Dawn on WEEI)

Jim Hall
Wed Feb 27 11:37:34 EST 2008

There's some information about the Richmonds on the WPGC tribute site:

I don't remember whether this question has been asked before: What was the 
background of the Richmond brothers?  Were they originally professional 
broadcasters, or were they entrepreneurs?  I don't know anything about 
em.   -Doug

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> Arnie is a very modest man.
> One night I was in the Boston Press Club next to Channel 7. This would
> be 1970 or so. Arnie never returned to the air after Mac beat him in
> court and he was doing sales at RKO.
> I mentioned to him it would be great to hear him again and his reply
> was why...nobody would remember me.
> Later that year WBZ had a weekend event where many old Boston jocks
> from all stations returned. Arnie found out that people did remember
> him.
> He built KISS from nothing and then hit megabucks with channel 66. He
> learned well from Mac Richmond and unlike Mac had a heart. I have
> never heard a bad word spoken of him. 

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