Getting your First Class ticket (was: Music Till Dawn on WEEI)

Dale H. Cook
Wed Feb 27 08:05:20 EST 2008

At 07:37 AM 2/27/2008, Sid Schweiger wrote:

>And those of us who didn't attend a license mill will recall that 
>the questions weren't that difficult anyhow, if you had a basic 
>understanding of tube and transistor electronics, although when I 
>took the test in the 1970s there were all of two questions on the 
>Second Class exam element dealing with transistors, and one on the 
>First Class element.

When I took the Element 4 exam in 1979 there were a few questions 
about AM DAs. That was fine with me as I had been boning up on the 
subject because two friends had just gotten a CP for a new DA. As I 
recall there was almost nothing in my exam on TV, which was also fine 
as I had little interest in that subject, although I had studied for 
it in prepping. Overall the exam was easier than I expected and I was 
the first one out of the exam room at the Custom House.

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