Music Till Dawn on WEEI

Ron Bello
Tue Feb 26 16:27:29 EST 2008

All talk shows at WBZ had at least 1 union technician in the 70s.
Both Calling All Sports and Jerry Williams were done in a large studio
(with room for guests) had a technician and producer in the adjacent
control room.  Delay via magnetic tape on an Ampex with head positions
reversed was in adjacent control room.  There was also a technician in
master control.  About the only time he did anything during this 6 hour
block was during the news.  Larry Glick used the same studio as the jocks
for daytime music shows.  His producer and delay were in master control.
The only thing Glick ran were his sound effects.

At 06:42 PM 2/25/2008, wrote:
>One byproduct of WEEI being owned by CBS was increased labor costs at
>every major Boston station.
>IBEW local 1228 mandated that all technicians had to be paid the same
>rate and working conditions that WEEI received and that was the rate
>paid at WCBS.
>Well this didn't sit well with Westinghouse and they devised a system
>to eliminate union jobs. The WEEI contract stated that a technician
>must operate anything with a VU meter. So WBZ whipped up combo boards
>with no VU meters and made the jocks run them.
>I believe Jerry Williams was the only talent that had a board op as he
>demanded it. Glick ran his own board. BZ still had a union tech in
>master control who babysat the delay system.

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