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But the terms on the just-completed deal (LMA with option to buy) for 
WENJ 1040 in Flemington NJ were also rather generous, IIRC. You can 
try, of course, to explain away the generous terms by pointing out 
that 1050 in New York is directional to the northeast to protect KYW 
and WENJ is in central NJ and first-adjacent to 1050; the WENJ deal is 
one of two that attempt to boost ESPN's coverage in the New York metro 
more-or-less to parity with WFAN. (The other deal is an LMA of an FM 
in eastern Long Island.) But it seems to me that, even without these 
two deals. ESPN Radio could clear time in New York. So I think you 
have evidence that ABC is willing to spend big bucks to add ESPN 
signals that are a notch below essential.

I keep wondering why ABC doesn't move Radio Disney to 890 and ESPN to 
1260. Having Radio Disney on a signal that emanates from affluent 
MetroWest strikes me as sensible. 1260 does OK in Boston proper and in 
much of the North Shore.

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>3  yes
> 2  But ESPN HAD to be on in New York ( Boston not so much )
> 1  Felger actually quit his job at the Herald and continues to be a
> free lancer for the paper. Now his wife is unemployed and can she 
> stay
> in the market?
> On 2/26/08, Sean Smyth <sean.smyth@yahoo.com> wrote:
>> 1. I wouldn't rely on David Scott being accurate when it comes to 
>> media
>> matters. He's a part of the blogosphere that believes in just 
>> tossing
>> stuff out and seeing where it sticks.
>> 1a. 890/1400 supposedly has been for sale for months, even the past
>> couple years, if you believe the rumors. Nothing has materialized. 
>> Does
>> this mean the rumors are false? Of course not. What it does say,
>> though, is that J-Sports hasn't been that desperate to sell, if it 
>> is
>> trying to sell. If it were, the stations would be sold by now, 
>> since
>> one of the major groups would do a buy on the cheap.
>> 2. I'd be surprised if the stations weren't breaking even. I'm 
>> guessing
>> that ESPN is paying for 890/1400 to clear programming in the Boston
>> market. Wasn't the lease payment on 1050 New York pretty generous 
>> to
>> the Jewish Forward folk?
>> 3. Didn't Andleman back off his interest in 1510 because of the
>> transmitter lease? 

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