observation about WEEI

John Francini francini@mac.com
Tue Feb 26 13:13:49 EST 2008

Most every car on the road has a clock in it these days.

And temperature/weather updates would break up the 'flow' of the  
discussions. They don't always hew to their hourly 'clock' very well.  
Imagine how it would be if there was also time/temp/traffic breaks.   
Frankly, I like it just as it is.  And I'm thankful that the Big  
Show, in particular, is chronically late to end -- since I often  
don't get to my car until about 17:55, I stand a good chance of  
hearing the bulk of the Whiner Line (my favorite segment) because  
Glenn is perennially late.

If I want the traffic, I just punch the next preset (for WBZ) on a  
Three, listen to the traffic, and then pop right back. For the  
weather, I go to WBZ on a Ten, listen, and go back.  Fortunately, WBZ  
is reasonably reliable, though they do tend to be sometimes as much  
as a minute late with the traffic or weather. Might be on purpose to  
ensure that at least one minute of ads is heard.


On 26 Feb 2008, at 11:46, kvahey@comcast.net wrote:

> My 16 year old asked me a question yesterday which I really don't know
> the thought process involved.
> Why doesn't WEEI ever mention the time?
> For that matter no temperature or traffic updates either. One would
> think the vast majority of Big Show and D&C listeners are in cars.
> Another thing that bugs me is calling the sports flash 20-20 when it
> isn't. They only do it twice an hour instead of 3 times like WFAN
> does.

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