Why I listen to satellite radio

Maureen Carney m_carney@yahoo.com
Tue Feb 26 09:15:05 EST 2008

Funny thing - when I worked at WMRC in Milford, MA there were a group of people who thought the satellite programming hours were local and the local people were actually on the bird!

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SteveOrdinetz wrote:
> I don't follow the logic here.  You say you've migrated to satellite 
> radio because terrestrial isn't local-sounding enough.  Isn't that 
> like saying you've switched from McDonald's to Burger King because you 
> don't like fatty food?
It's like this -- I prefer terrestrial stations. When I find one that 
has a strong local programming presence (music or talk) I listen.  
Intently. When I find one that is pretty much automated, there's a 
chance that I will head up to the bird to see what's there.  80% of my 
listening is in the car in Vermont so there tends to be lots of hopping 
around the dial out of necessity.  Gotta go.  That Quarter Pounder is 
calling. <g>

Bill O'Neill

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