North American Radio Broadcasting Agreement - was Music Till Dawn on WEEI

Garrett Wollman
Mon Feb 25 14:09:16 EST 2008

<<On Mon, 25 Feb 2008 13:21:45 -0500, "Kevin Vahey" <> said:

> Was CFRB as restrictive to the southeast in 1941 as they are today?
> 1010: new Canadian clear

> WINS of course protects CFRB but the reality is in upstate NY you
> seldom get either ( yet even with the lousy night signal WINS beats
> WCBS in the ratings )

Remember that WINS and CFRB reengineered their patterns about a decade
ago to allow both stations to broaden their coverage, creating a zone
of mutual interference in much of upstate NY and New England which had
not existed before.  Also remember that CFRB wasn't on 1010 in 1941:
it was on 860, and 1010 belonged to CBY (previously a class-III-ish
facility on 1420).  I suspect the old NRC Night Pattern Book would
show what the old CFRB and WINS patterns looked like.

> Now this is the one where politics had to be involved in Ottawa
> 800: new Canadian clear

> CKLW was moved to 800 but it seems like their signal was designed to
> allow CJAD Montreal to be born after the war ended.

CKLW had been on 1030.


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