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Although the substance of what you said about CFRB and KYW is true, I
don't think you can say that KYW's pattern is much tighter than is
typical for a Class IB--the array has only two towers. WWKB is a
rather typical ex-IB and, like many such stations in the US, it has a
three-tower array. The nearest full-time Class B that is co-channel to
WWKB is in Toledo OH, I believe--roughly the same distance from
Buffalo as WBIX is from Philadelphia. Also, aren't there two
directional daytimers on 1520 a very short distance apart in northEAST
Ohio? Those stations are much closer to WWKB than any AM 1060 is to

As for CFRB's Class A status, has it been a IB/A ever since its move
to 1010 (which took place either concurrently with NARBA or shortly
thereafter)? Or had it, like the majority of Canada's As, been a Class
II until about 20 years ago? My understanding is that CFRB, like most,
if not all, of those newly minted Canadian Class As (including CKAC)
is an A in name only. That is, its nighttime-skywave coverage is not
protected from co-channel interference. For sure, CFRB's night pattern
(whichever one they are using) is more complex and restrictive than
those of other US or Canadian ex-IBs but, in complexity, is not
more restrictive than those of any number of Canadian ex Class IIs
that run 50 kW at night.

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> <<On Mon, 25 Feb 2008 00:09:49 -0500, said:
>> CBC got all the Canadian clears with the exception of French 730 in
>> Montreal which was one of the few private broadcasters allowed to
>> beam
>> south.
> Not so.  See
> <>.
> You forgot, at a minimum, CFRB, CFCN, and CKY.  (I believe CFCN and
> CKY were privately-owned CBC affiliates, and both stations moved to
> other channels when they dropped the CBC affiliation some time after
> WW2.  This allowed CBW to take over 990 in Winnipeg, and the new CBR
> to take over 1010 in Calgary; meanwhile, the old CBR had become CBU,
> moving to 690 and opening up 1130 for a commercial station in
> Vancouver.)  CFRB had been on 690 (a clear channel) before NARBA,
> and
> moved to 860 (one of the new Canadian clear channels) thereafter.
> Although the CBC (then the regulator as well as the public
> broadcaster) later forced CFRB to swap 860 for its 1010 signal in
> Toronto, CFRB remained a clear-channel station: 1010 was a class-IB.
> (The allocations situation with 1010 in Toronto is not dissimilar to
> the issues with 1060 in Philadelphia.  In both cases, a late-arrival
> class-IB station has to protect a much older class-II station to its
> east, with the result being a much tighter directional pattern than
> was usual for clear-channel stations.)
> -GAWollman

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