Music Till Dawn on WEEI

Doug Drown
Sun Feb 24 15:46:34 EST 2008

Only kidding.  ;-)
You've made a good point.  I  have to confess I had never heard of the 
program.  -Doug

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>>>Protective League. How's that for an exciting name?
> Joke all you want, guys, but actually the show served a very useful 
> purpose when it first went on the air in 1925 (!) in New York and appeared 
> in various incarnations after that.  Back then, most people were barely 
> educated-- high school was considered a luxury in many cities, and rural 
> poor people often left school in the 8th grade.  As a result, radio was 
> seen as an educational service in many ways, and some of the housewife 
> shows, in addition to plugging lots of products, actually gave important 
> and factual information about nutrition, and taught listeners how to avoid 
> outrageous pricing, various health scams, etc.  It was an era of various 
> "doctors" making false claims, and shows like these provided the facts. 
> They also helped rural homemakers to feel a sense of community with those 
> who lived in the bigger cities. 

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