Music Till Dawn on WEEI

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Absolutely. There was a different host in every market in which the
show appeared. The program was not fed over the network. AND it was
NOT unique in that regard. There was at least one other program that
appeared on CBS radio stations in the same manner--Housewives'
Protective League. How's that for an exciting name? It was a half hour
(I believe) daily monologue about houshold products--soaps, cleansers,
etc--that truly delivered on the excitement of its name ;>( On WCBS,
the host was Galen Drake. On WEEI, it was Morgan Baker, I believe.
>From the standpoint of on-air sound, these hosts were 100%
interchangeable (like Harold Perry and Willard Waterman on the Great
Gildersleeve). I remember when Drake had to take a few weeks off for
some reason and they brought in the HPL guy from another city as the
substitute host. He actually used his air name from that city on WCBS,
but I'd say that he sounded even more like Drake than Drake himself
did, so if the substitute had called himself Galen Drake, I don't
think one listener in 1000 would have known that it was somebody else.

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>> As for "Music Till Dawn," it went on the air in 1953, sponsored by
>> American Airlines, and the CBS network was where the show seemed to
>> be, based on all of my files...
> It was a CBS Network offerring...but with local hosts?

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