Music Till Dawn on WEEI

Sun Feb 24 10:29:08 EST 2008

You MAY be right that WBZ never carried Music 'Till Dawn, but I still
think they did. It may well have been in the late '50s and not in the
'60s. ISTR listening to MTD on WBZ in my college dorm room in Troy NY.
That would have had to be spring 1956 or earlier. Of course, this
could be my imagination; I can't prove that I am right any more than
you are likely to be able to prove that you are.

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> The program "American Airlines Music 'Till Dawn" was  featured on
> WEEI after Jim Westover's Nightline Twister trivia contest.   BZ had
> Summer then Glick. Never had music 'till dawn.  If you wanted music,
> it was Jack Lazare on WEEI with Music Till Dawn or Norm Nathan on
> WHDH with Sounds in the Night.

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