Jess Cain Memorial

Ed Forry
Sat Feb 23 21:17:11 EST 2008

I attended a beautiful memorial service for Jess Cain today (Sat  
2/23) at Glastonbury Abbey in Hingham.
The small chapel there for 10 am service was filled with perhaps 150  
persons- Jess's family, and many, many
close friends.
Among the speakers was John "Pudge" Flynn, and he and others  
reminisced with many great
stories from Jess' radio days, and also screened a wonderful seven  
minute video featuring any number of
his memorable skits- Sidney Flack, Cash Call, et al., and bits of his  
songs- Billerica, Natick, Take My Hand I'm
a stranger in Framingham, Nantasket- an insular peninsula down there  
in Hull, and others.
The morning was  not without drama-  During Pudge's remarks, a man  
collapsed and passed out. Several persons rushed to help,
Hingham police and EMTs arrived to assist, and after a 15 minute  
delay he was taken out on a stretcher.
Pudge returned to the microphone, and told everyone: "Thankfully,  
there was a doctor here-
Unfortunately, he's a gynecologist!" It was Jess' longtime friend and  
buddy, Dr. Waldo Fielding, who also spoke.
BTW- the collapsed man had recovered by the time he was being  
wheeled  out, and asked for the microphone
from Pudge. He told the congregation that he and Jess had "planned  
this!" Later, police told me he had not
needed hospitalization- but what a perfect way to celebrate the great  
Jess Cain's life!
Pudge also reports there are plans to have a public event in his  
memory in June, sometime around Jess' birthday,
which I think is June 16 or 17. 

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