Music Till Dawn on WEEI

Doug Drown
Sat Feb 23 23:02:06 EST 2008

<<WHDH was the home of The Tonight Show for close to 10 years.>>

Wow.  I don't remember that.  I do remember that when I visited Schenectady, 
I was surprised to learn that The Tonight Show actually started at 11:15 
rather than 11:30.
The first 15 minutes weren't cleared in Boston.  I can't remember whether 
WJAR cleared them or not.  -Doug

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> Scott I would guess Westinghouse would have gone with CBS as they
> already had a relationship with the eye at KDKA and KPIX.
> NBC was furious at WBZ as they would not clear The Tonight Show and
> also bumped some soaps for their daytime shows. They even cleared
> Regis back then when he was a nobody.
> WHDH was the home of The Tonight Show for close to 10 years. 

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