Subject: Voice-over Flubs
Sat Feb 23 22:00:11 EST 2008

I think Waxy used the name Dick Dale in Woonsocket and that maybe how
he got hooked up with Dorman.

I remember one Sunday night when something went screwy at WNEU.
Somehow Waxy was being heard all over Eastern Ontario on 560 and he
got a ton of phone calls. He called a couple of people back and they
were all in the 416 area code.

I don't think they ever figured out how it happened.

On 2/23/08, Donna Halper <> wrote:
> Kevin wrote---
> >Dale also let another small town announcer from Woonsocket on who
> >Donna should remember from WNEU. At Northeastern he was known as
> >Wacksee...and he wound up running the most fleabag radio station I
> >ever saw WNRI. They didn't even have cart machines but ran commercials
> >with a Gates dictobelt system which had to be seen to believe. The
> >jock had to move the head to the correct slot.
> Yes, I remember Waxy.  I can't spell his last name though -- first
> name was Dick (Richard), last name was very long and Polish and was
> something like Iawaskiewicz. Yes, he died very young, and Ron
> Frizzell, who still does radio up in northern NH would probably be
> able to fill you in on the details.

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