Subject: Voice-over Flubs

Doug Drown
Sat Feb 23 15:48:43 EST 2008

Roy Leonard, who spent nearly 40 years at WGN and WGN-TV before he retired, 
was at WNAC and WNAC-TV for some time; I believe he left when WNAC became 
WRKO.  It sticks in my mind, for some reason, that he was at CJAD in 
Montreal briefly before going to Chicago.  -Doug

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>I remember WNAC did talk in the mid 60's and the one name that leaps
> to mind was Haywood Vincent. He had on ongoing rivalry with Paul
> Benzaquin who was on WEEI.
> WNAC also has the first sports call-in show in 1964 called 'Hot Corner
> Of Sports' that was hosted by Channel 7 sportscaster Bob Gallagher who
> later relocated to Miami.
> My parents never listened to WNAC so I never really heard them much.
> On 2/23/08, Don A <> wrote:
>> > I have no memory of what WNAC was doing overnight
>> > if anything.
>> It's interesting...with all the memories people share about radio 
>> stations
>> that made impressions on them at one time or another....I have rarely (if
>> ever) recall hearing someone share their memories of WNAC.  Was there 
>> ever
>> any compelling programming on WNAC?
>> Have you found the same thing?
>> I mean, what WAS WNAC doing in the early 60's before it became WRKO?
>> Apparently nothing to write home about!
>> ;-)

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