Subject: Voice-over Flubs

Doug Drown
Sat Feb 23 15:12:22 EST 2008

When did WNAC cease being a Mutual affiliate?  The Yankee Network and Mutual 
were organically connected for a long time under General Teleradio's 
ownership.  I gather WNAC left MBS when the network was sold(?)

--And where does Norman Knight fit into this picture?  I think I'm correct 
that Knight was WNAC/Yankee's GM for some years before (or during?) the time 
began his own
regional radio enterprise.  I think all the Knight Quality stations were 
Yankee affiliates when I was growing up in the '60s.  WHEB was also with NBC 
for years.


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> WNAC might have carried Long John Nebel from Mutual, or his successor,
> Larry King. I don't know how much Mutual WNAC ran in those days or
> whether some other station had become the local Mutual affiliate by
> then. But those are possibilities.
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>>I remember CBS Radio making a big deal out of being the first to
>> newscasts 24 hours a day and that was around 1974.
>> I think WMEX went fulltime when Larry Glick arrived around 1964. My
>> memories of all night radio go back to the early 60's. WEEI had
>> Music
>> Til Dawn that CBS ran on all their owned stations with local hosts.
>> My
>> brain says Jack Lazar was the Boston host. WHDH had  Norm Nathan and
>> 'Sounds In The Night' He used the same opening with a train whisltle
>> and a jazz piece that I can't recall the name of but if I heard it
>> again I would know it. Before Dick Summer I believe BZ had Kevin
>> O'Keefe overnight. I have no memory of what WNAC was doing overnight
>> if anything.

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