Subject: Voice-over Flubs
Sat Feb 23 14:24:42 EST 2008

I remember CBS Radio making a big deal out of being the first to offer
newscasts 24 hours a day and that was around 1974.

I think WMEX went fulltime when Larry Glick arrived around 1964. My
memories of all night radio go back to the early 60's. WEEI had Music
Til Dawn that CBS ran on all their owned stations with local hosts. My
brain says Jack Lazar was the Boston host. WHDH had  Norm Nathan and
'Sounds In The Night' He used the same opening with a train whisltle
and a jazz piece that I can't recall the name of but if I heard it
again I would know it. Before Dick Summer I believe BZ had Kevin
O'Keefe overnight. I have no memory of what WNAC was doing overnight
if anything.

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