Subject: Voice-over Flubs
Sat Feb 23 12:49:49 EST 2008

Yes but the FCC allowed daytimers to test at night during certain
windows. Early Monday mornings seemed to be the accepted standard.

Most fulltime stations also signed off on Monday at Midnight as well.
This is one reason Ken Mayer became a Boston cult radio star in
Boston. The only other AM station on in Boston on Monday was WHDH who
elected to shut down on Sunday instead.

One amusing byproduct of this occurred on WRKO. Dorman had to come in
at 5AM to sign the station on and he was not a happy camper about it.
He deliberately broke format and for months turned WRKO into a
simulcast of WLOB in Portland letting the morning man there by the
name of Schnieder loose on WRKO until 6. It was hysterical. Our Maine
readers most likely remember the Portland jock.

On 2/23/08, Don A <> wrote:
> > Back around 1969 a friend of mine lived in the transmitter shack of
> > WROL 950 in Saugus. It may have still been WRYT then. For about 2
> > months he ran a music-talk show from Midnight to 5 AM that attracted
> > quite the following.
> Wasn't that station only a daytimer back then?

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