Subject: Voice-over Flubs
Sat Feb 23 12:06:19 EST 2008

Ahhh the good old days of Monday morning transmitter tests.

Back around 1969 a friend of mine lived in the transmitter shack of
WROL 950 in Saugus. It may have still been WRYT then. For about 2
months he ran a music-talk show from Midnight to 5 AM that attracted
quite the following. Given the transmitter location in the salt water
marsh just north of Revere the signal at night was phenomenal. We got
callers as far away as Florida and Iowa. The FCC finally said enough
and the show died. Still that job helped him land a job in a decent
market and after stints in Philadelphia and Buffalo he is now a
popular weatherman in Connecticut.

He got the idea from a similar show that came from a station in
Lookout Mountain, Tennessee that could be heard on the entire east

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