Voice-over Flubs

kvahey@comcast.net kvahey@comcast.net
Fri Feb 22 22:31:30 EST 2008

There was one incidence where a Boston jock screwed up deliberately to
get Mac Richmond to fire him. The jock had been offered a huge
contract in Chicago but Mac wouldn't let him leave.

Mac had his jocks on 7 days a week but allowed them to record and
transcribe weekend shows. This jock then proceded to use the WBZ calls
instead of WMEX. The tape would be recorded and played back at the
transmitter and whoever was working didn't catch it. But Normon
Soloman who was Mac's jack of all trades did and finally got the tape

Mac fired the jock and he went happily to Chicago. In Boston he had to
use the name Johnny instead of his real name as Mac wanted to honor
his favorite football player who was Johnny Lujack.

The jock became the most popular announcer in Chicago..... Larry Lujack

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