Voice-over Flubs

Howard Glazer hmglaz@worldnet.att.net
Fri Feb 22 18:46:43 EST 2008

> I remember listening to CBL sign off at 1 AM and the woman was reading
> the baseball scores and had Montana beating South Dakota. She
> obviously had no clue what MON and SD stood for.

I recall another female newsreader doing something very similar on WBZ in
the '70s. I forget whether it was Anne McGrath or Robin Young, but it was
during a newscast on Robin Young's late-night weekend show circa 1975: The
Padres were "South Dakota" and, over in the junior circuit, the Oakland A's
were "Oklahoma."

Also, as a little kid, I remember Jess Cain, on WHDH, either doing a
spoonerism routine or playing someone else's: It was a bollixed telling of
the "Cinderella" story ... "Until he got to the cin where Housederella
lived," that sort of thing. I was really young then, so that's about all I
recall of it, one of my earliest radio memories.


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