Voice-over Flubs

Howard Glazer hmglaz@worldnet.att.net
Fri Feb 22 17:22:40 EST 2008

> Ah--that sounds like a spoonerism, mixing up sounds of one
> word with another. There was a Reverend Spooner who
> would accidentally say things like "May I sew you to
> another sheet" and "Our queer old Dean" instead of "May I
> show you to another seat" and "Our dear old Queen". The
> Capitol Steps do a whole routine every show called
> Lirty Dies and Scicious Vandals, in which spoonerisms
> are played for laughs. At one point, they point out--
> in straight talk--that Brad Pitt's daughter is named
> Shiloh Pitt and ask the audience to do the spoonerism
> in their minds...

There was a thoroughbred breeder/owner about 25 years ago who gave a filly
the name of Cunning Stunt just to torture track announcers.


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