Voice-over Flubs

mike@miscon.net mike@miscon.net
Fri Feb 22 16:04:20 EST 2008

It is indeed the copy - from PRI it seems, and not the client -
as WGBH encountered the same problem.


> Of course, sometimes it's the copy that's wrong and not the talent.

> There's a Medtronic funder running on WBUR now that was clearly

> written by someone[1] who didn't understand the difference
between a 
> slash (that's "/") and a backslash
("\"). I've heard at least two 
> different people read
this funder, and I have to believe that they 
> wouldn't both have
gotten it wrong, so the inevitable conclusion is 
> that the
script has it wrong. 
> -GAWollman 
> [1] Only a Windows user would make this mistake. 

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