6 million may lose digital TV reception

kvahey@comcast.net kvahey@comcast.net
Fri Feb 22 01:00:10 EST 2008

I guess it gives them the option of showing other things live when
both the House and Senate are in session.

I suppose in theory they could show a FCC hearing if they wanted to.

On 2/22/08, A. Joseph Ross <joe@attorneyross.com> wrote:
> On 21 Feb 2008 at 19:14, kvahey@comcast.net wrote:
> > CSPAN-3 runs a lot of filler. They have been doing a lot on Black
> > History Month this week.
> I'm not even sure what the rationale is for C-SPAN 3.  The House of
> Representatives is on C-SPAN 1, the Senate is on C-SPAN 2.  Unless we
> create a third house of Congress, C-SPAN 3 doesn't make any sense.
> The other two C-SPAN channels alreay have plenty of time filled up
> with Book TV, the British House of Commons, the Canadian Senate, and
> the dullest talk shows this side of Tom Finneran.  Why C-SPAN 3?
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