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Aaron Read
Thu Feb 21 16:28:14 EST 2008

Diane Rehm airs on WBUR at 10pm weeknights (just one hour).  It's a deal 
they have with WAMU, who in turn airs OnPoint at 9pm Mon-Thu.

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NPR got shafted even worse! Maybe Terri Gross didn't make the list at
all (I didn't see her even below the top 100) because she doesn't take
phonecalls on the air. Diane Rehm (not heard in Boston, AFAIK) was on
the list however. And CarTalk was the very last program on the entire
list of 250. Is that because CarTalk is on for only one hour a week? I
bet that CarTalk gets more listeners and a higher cumulative TSL than
quite a few of the programs within the top 100. It's an extremely
popular show and raises a big part of the money that listeners donate
each year to NPR affiliates.

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