6 million may lose digital TV reception

John Mullaney john@minutemancomm.com
Wed Feb 20 16:14:46 EST 2008

Well that may be but it doesnt change the issue that Comcast has already changed over the folks with analog TVs to watching the digital channels. 

What your talking about is a whole other issue. The thing is on there end they don't have room for everything. Something has to give. They don't have enough room to tie up space repeating channels in Analog and still have enough room to keep adding HD channels. They can keep compressing the Low Quality digital channels but to keep adding HD channels which I think people want something has to give. I'm sure they will end up having to giving some poor folks and elderly cable boxes but I'm not sure you fit that scenario. I'm just glad they keep adding HD channels!

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>> Cable companies going "all digital" does not affect this at all. The boxes
>> still have an analog modulator so they will still work with an analog TV.
>> What they are referring to is the box will no longer have analog channels
>> meaning more capacity and more HD channel bandwidth. Comcast is one
>> company
>> that locally has always been giving you the HD channels on your analog
>> sets.
>> They could shut off the analogs today and their customers would not see a
>> difference whether they had a digital or analog TV.
>A lot of people pay for cable, but not digital cable, with the digital box.
>I have several "cable ready" TVs, which would be useless if Comcast went all
>digital, unless I chose to pay extra and get more boxes.
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